Service Request

Once your keys are obtained at closing, your general contact information will be forwarded to the Lafferty Communities Customer Service Coordinator where it will be registered with our third-party warranty communication system, Build Pro by Hyphen Solutions. All customer service requests will be submitted on this site and will be kept in your portal in perpetuity. This also allows us track and monitor repairs.

An email will be sent from Build Pro (“”) where you will be prompted to activate your account. Once activated, you will be able to submit your service items (pictures can be uploaded if applicable). Your service request will be entered into the Hyphen Solutions database and issued to your Customer Service Representative. Your CSR will contact you to schedule an inspection of your service item.

Our policy is to assess non-emergency service requests primarily through an on-site inspection by a Lafferty Communities representative only. This allows us to ensure that your service requests will be addressed in a timely manner. There are three scheduled times to report non-emergency service requests during the first year (but you can make a service request at any time):

Thirty days (30 days) after occupancy of the home (from close of escrow date).
– Primarily if you have any questions that might arise after living in the home or any repairs that might be needed or any issues overlooked at the initial walk through.

Six months (6) after occupancy of the home (from close of escrow date)
– For any fit and finish items that might have arisen during the first 6 months of occupancy.

Eleven (11) months after occupancy of the home (from close of escrow date)
– To close out Fit and Finish warranty and to be sure the items are completed prior to the end of the fit and finish period.